Weight Loss Post #6 – Weight Loss Feature


Hello and Welcome to my weight loss post #6!

Ok well after last week being really happy and so proud I had lost a lb after maintaining for months….I have maintained yet again this week!! So frustrating as I have been getting my 7000 steps in each and every day, eaten well and actually made the effort to eat well. I was also feeling fab on Saturday’s date night with Mario. I even bought a new top to wear and went out feeling really confident which makes a change for me! I suppose I can’t moan too much as it’s not been a gain this week so I’m happy about that! I wore a top I would never have worn a few weeks ago when we went out and I felt really good.

So that is my Weight Loss Post #6, I’m going to keep the good progress I have made up going forward and I have some new and exciting plans for the ‘weight-loss features’ side of my blog coming up in the next couple of months as well as lots of opportunities with some well known fitness brands, so keep a watch out for all of that! I’m really looking forward to sharing with you the new path my blog is taking me and I’m enjoying not just talking about being a parent all the time! 🙂

Mind the Gap

Blog Post SignatureDiet: Eat Less Move More

Weight loss this week: 0lbs

Total weight loss: 11lbs

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