Seeing In Spring with Term Roll Top Wellies


We all know how quickly and frustratingly children grow out of their footwear and even if they didn’t, it’s hard to find a pair of shoes or even wellies that can withstand the running, jumping and scuffing that all children’s footwear have to put up with! With this in mind, ‘Term Footwear’ have come up with a great range of shoes and roll top wellies designed to hold up against our ‘lovely’ British weather and the school day! Since 2016, the husband and wife team have been importing and selling a variety of children’s footwear brands in the UK. They have now launched their own brand of footwear that not only have super design and style but also that children will actually want to wear.  

Term Roll Top Wellies

Term wellies are manufactured in the EU from high quality materials, free from Lead, Nickle, and Cadmium, and they conform to EU standards. The Term wellies themselves are both flexible and lightweight with the advantage of a fully removable, hand washable, roll top sock. The sock is warm and padded, creating comfort for your child even on the coldest of days! Once the weather gets a bit warmer, you can take the sock easily out of the wellies and they will be one EU size larger in order to last your child another season and allow for their growth! As well as this, each welly has a handy reflective strip on the back making children far more noticeable as they walk and play on darker, wintry days which is very useful and a really great extra feature to have! 

Term Roll Top Wellies

We chose the bright pink Term roll top wellies with pink socks and grey soles for Mia as pink is definitely her favourite colour at the moment! When they arrived, she was so excited and immediately put them on to wear out to the shops so I knew she was happy with them. She stopped to show everyone as we walked along the road and for the next couple of weeks after receiving them; she wore them absolutely everywhere to show everyone she could!

There are 5 bright colours to choose from (including navy, green and purple) so there will definitely be a pair for every child! The wellies have been well-worn by Mia over the last month and still look practically brand new!

They are extremely practical, strong and hardwearing! Mia has worn them shopping, to the park, to her birthday party and out for the day at an adventure park! She absolutely loves them! It’s great that I can take the roll top sock out when (if!) it gets a bit warmer as she can continue to wear them when she goes out. Knowing they will last Mia until her feet grow at least another 2 sizes, the Term Roll Top Wellies are well worth the £21.99 price tag and I wouldn’t hesitate to buy them for her in the future.

The wellies are perfect for young feet, providing protection and support from cold and wet conditions, being warm in the Winter and dry in the Spring! 

Term Roll Top Wellies


Term also do a great range of school shoes, they have created a handy video which aims to show what happens to children’s shoes in a school day! Term School Shoes Video

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