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FitBit Flex Review – Wearable Tech


Fitbit FlexUpdated 2016

I acquired a Fitbit Flex after Mario bought one (for himself!) over 2 years ago. I wanted to track my sleep each night with it as I have difficulty getting a full night’s sleep due to slight breathing problems and generally being a light sleeper! So initially I liked the idea of seeing just how often I was awake at night over a period of a week. After a couple of nights use and some interesting data records, I decided to try out the Fitbit’s other features and quickly discovered that I was becoming addicted to it! I thought that I would find it annoying having something on my wrist all day everyday as I didn’t wear a watch at the time but it’s amazing how quickly you get used to it. Now I wear a watch so I wear my Fitbit either next to it or on my ankle (your not supposed to but I found it more accurate when pushing Mia’s buggy).Fitbit Flex

Fitbit Flex

I track everything on it; my length and quality of sleep each night, amount of steps taken each day, water intake, and calorie intake and it’s fair to say, it’s become a slight obsession of mine! I have now been using it properly for over 2 years to help me understand my eating habits and to control my weight. I pair my Fitbit with the ‘MyFitnessPal’ iPhone app which I use to keep my daily food diary and then the Fitbit iPhone app (once set up with my information) calculates how many calories I can consume in a day, how many calories I have burnt by exercising, and how many calories I have left (or not!).

MyFitnessPalIt’s a really easy gadget to set up from the word go and settings can be changed as you go along. All you need to input is your height, weight, how much you want to lose (if any), and how quickly you want to lose it. Fitbit does all of the calculations for you and as it syncs when near your phone via the app or laptop on the dashboard, it updates over the day to tell you how you’re getting on. I find that it syncs really well and I open up the app on myMyFitnessPal phone at least 3 times a day to keep track of how I’m getting on. It’s amazing how quickly you get addicted to meeting your goals, I have my steps set at 7000 a day, water intake at 8 glasses a day, and I aim to lose 1lb a week (Fitbit helps you set your goals through the app). It also keeps its charge for about 5 days for me, I don’t tend to look at the lights on the Fitbit Flex as I always have my phone handy so the battery does last a bit longer than if you were checking the Fitbit itself, however when it does run out, it only takes about an hour or so to fully charge again using your laptops USB port so I normally pick a time in the evening when I’m going to be sat down so I don’t lose any steps! When I go to bed, it’s just a quick double tap to put it into sleep mode where it tracks how much I’m awake and asleep during the night. I find that the only problem with this is that it records me when I’m awake as only ‘restless’ most of the time but that doesn’t really matter to me as I just need a vague idea. Fitbit Dashboard

You can also change what is recorded and what is shown on the app front screen really easily by going to the app settings or the Fitbit dashboard on the laptop. At first it took me a while to get the hang of tracking my calories as Fitbit works out your daily calories using the amount oFitbit Dashboardf exercise you do over the whole day and what it presumes you will do so I found that by the end of the day I was always over my allowance, however when I was going through the settings one day I realised I didn’t have it on the right one for me. I like to input my breakfast, lunch and dinner before I have them so I can see what I need to burn off and how many calories I have left for snacks throughout the day so once I had changed my settings to ‘earning calories back’ I don’t go over my calories as much, unless I want to!


Another great thing is that I pair my Fitbit Flex with an app by Bounts which give you points for exercise you do ie. every 7000 steps, and then you can exchange them for gift vouchers! I have received a couple of £10 Boots vouchers which definitely come in handy and I get them for doing exercise! You can use my code: ‘farrelly855’ for extra points for both of us!

All in all, I love my Fitbit! I use it all day every day, it’s a brilliant way to track all my calories and a great help in working towards losing weight. I would be so lost without it and I recommend one to everyone who wants to track their calories, exercise, steps, or sleep!

Update: My Fitbit is still going strong and I never take it off! It has helped me reach my weight loss goals and I have now lost nearly a stone and a half through eating a bit less, and making sure I do my 7000 steps a day! If you want to read all about my Diet Challenge you can read it here!

I’m also doing a comparison of various wearable fitness technology and you can read my Moov Now fitness tracker review and my TomTom Spark review to find out more!

Blog Post SignaturePlease Note: I have not been asked by any companies mentioned here to do this post on their behalf and my Fitbit Flex was bought by my partner at full price

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37 comments on “FitBit Flex Review – Wearable Tech

    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      Ahh they are more than worth it! Iam addicted and it’s made such a difference to me. You can get some good deals normally at Argos 🙂

  • tracey bowden , Direct link to comment

    I really want one of these and this had made me want one even more! Great review 🙂

    I like how you can track and programme it for so many different things I Think it would really help me stay on track with my weight loss goals

    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      They are great, I have used mine for 2 years now and I love it! You can track food, sleep, weight, steps, etc… which is all I want to track. I wouldn’t have been able to lose the weight I have without it I don’t think! 🙂

  • Mini Travellers/Mini Ventures , Direct link to comment

    I’ve never really thought I needed one but I think if I did get one I could get seriously addicted too. I’d like to try the sleep thing paticularly. Thanks for linking up to the first #sundaystars of 2016. Hope to see you next week.

  • Katie , Direct link to comment

    I would love to have a fitbit. I know my daily activity is below what it should be and I think somehing like this would guilt me into getting up and about more lol. Thanks for linking up with #sundaystars x

    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      Ahh yes it definitely makes me ‘jog on the spot’ in the evening when I haven’t got my steps in!! I wouldn’t be without mine now 🙂

  • Laura @ Dot Makes 4 , Direct link to comment

    I love my Fitbit flex too! I’ve only had it for a few weeks, but I do whatever I can to get my steps!
    I don’t monitor my sleep though as with a little one, I’m grateful for even a few hours!

    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      Its amazing how much it spurs you on to get those extra steps! I’m often marching on the spot at 11pm trying to get them in before bedtime! 🙂

  • Maria , Direct link to comment

    Congratulations on the weight loss that is great news! I have heard so many good things about the FitBit – great to hear its working well for you.

    Thank you for linking up to #KCACOLS and I hope to see you back again on sunday x

  • Mummy's Blog , Direct link to comment

    I have one of these and in some ways I love it, but I have been SO unlucky with mine, it just keeps breaking! Fitbit are really good though and have replaced it – about 10 times so far – lol! x

    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      Oh no! I haven’t had any issues *touch wood!* but I have heard they are brilliant at replacing them (10 times is a bit much though!) 🙂

  • Kate Holmes , Direct link to comment

    I love it when reviews are just someone saying they adore a product without payment or review product. These things are great. Sadly I lost mine recently but am saving up for another and I too like to take it off when showering

    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      Aww thank you! Yes for me, my blog is about talking about brands I love and not just newly discovered brands who send me products to review. That’s a shame you lost your fitbit, I don’t know what I would do without mine! 🙂

  • Lucy , Direct link to comment

    Great review I LOVE my Fitbit, had it a year now and wear it every day, although I take it off at night x #PickNMix

  • mummy and monkeys , Direct link to comment

    I’ve wanted one of these for ages, I didn’t know you could earn points on it. It would be really interesting to see my lack of sleep! Thanks for linking to #PickNMix

    • mummydaddymia , Direct link to comment

      I love my Fitbit, I think they are great and I have tried quite a few recently! The points are awarded on the website Bounts and is really easy to use 🙂

  • Cee Arr , Direct link to comment

    Glad you like your fitbit.

    I have to admit – putting that level of detail and sharing that much of my life with tech is just too far out of my comfort zone (I know, I know – says a blogger! Lol.)


  • Jenny (Accidental Hipster Mum) , Direct link to comment

    I loved my Fitbit but I lost it, seeing this makes me want a new one! It definitely made me move more when I had one!


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