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Creative Ways to Use a Carpet to Decorate a Home


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Carpets and rugs are superb embellished specs to have in the house. From handmade carpets and rugs that style your living room floor to the water absorbing carpet in your bathroom, they will definitely add class to your living area. There are so many advantages of using handmade carpets and rugs.  In this post, I am going to tell you the most creative and best ways to use carpets and rugs to decorate a home, improve the style, and make it more beautiful.

Decorate a Home

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Layered carpets and rugs mean to place one on top of another carpet or rug. You need to make sure that the bottom carpet is larger than the top carpet. For making the layers, you can mix a designer carpet with a plain carpet or you can also use the different material carpet like jute carpet or wool carpet etc.  It will provide additional cosiness to your house. This technique is perfect for the living area which you can make a focal point.

Little rug on the staircase

If you have an issue measuring the right size of your stair then this is the best technique to use for the staircase. Take little rugs which have similar design and colour mixture. If you do not find it any suitable store, then you could also get your rug specially made and place those on every step of the stair.

Wall hanging

Wall hanging is another technique to use a handmade carpet and rug. It is used to beautify your room wall. For the wall hanging you can take a medium sized carpet or little carpets. So, you can simply include the carpet on the wall.

Decorate a Home

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Decorate a home

You can place the full furniture on the carpet or just the front leg on the carpet. If you already have handmade carpets, then use it according to the carpet size. For example, you can put your furniture on a carpet if you have big size rug. If you have little carpet, then you can locate it in front of your bed or between the furniture in your living room. If you have a circular carpet, then you can locate it in your hallway or for the coffee table or dining room.

Decorate a Home

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So, using these above creative techniques can help create charming room interiors and decorate a home. Of course, you are free to mix it up. The key is finding the right carpets and rugs that makes your home more stylish and at the same time, safe for everyone in the house including children and pets.

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