Stunning Summer Cocktails with Hayman’s Gin

It is no secret that I love cocktails! I always have done and love my firm favourite prosecco cocktails and fruity daiquiri’s however it wasn’t until I attended the Notts Cocktails Blogger event a few months ago that I discovered I really like gin cocktails! I have never been keen on gin and tonics and thinking it was the gin part I disliked, I never went near gin cocktails however after sampling one at the event, I realised it is actually tonic I don’t like! We have been researching the best cocktails to serve at our upcoming BBQ/Housewarming Party and so when I was asked if we would like to recreate some traditional gin cocktails courtesy of Hayman’s London Dry Gin, we knew it would be a good opportunity to find the perfect gin cocktail!

Summer Cocktails

Hayman’s are award winning gin makers who have been making gin the traditional way for over 150 years, which makes them the only family of original English gin makers still distilling today! They measure, by hand, the right balance of juniper, coriander, lemon peel and orange peel, as well as angelica, orris root, cinnamon, cassia bark, nutmeg and liquorice to create the perfectly infused classic gin we know today.

Summer Cocktails

We were given 3 classic summer gin cocktail recipes that have been reinvented by Hayman’s to try out. As I’m currently pregnant, I left most of the tasting to Mario however I did have a sip of each one just to test them out obviously! We started off with the English Ruby Fizz and boy what a starter it was! The cocktail itself is made with fresh raspberries, ginger ale and lime and creates a stunningly sweet and refreshing cocktail. So light and tastes just like summer, it was absolutely delicious!

Summer Cocktails

The next cocktail we tried out was the Victorian Mojito which is lovely blend of tonic water and lime juice. Not being a massive fan of tonic water, I was still impressed by how subtle the flavour in this cocktail was. This one is definitely more of a classic gin and tonic with the minty edge but really refreshing and well worth trying!

summer cocktails

The final cocktail we tried was the Lavender Lady which is a little more complicated to create as it involves egg white, honey water, Cointreau and orange bitters however I really liked the sour taste and silky texture. This is definitely a drink I will be recreating once I have had the baby!

We have definitely found our new favourite gin cocktail from the 3 recipes we got the chance to try out! We both picked the Hayman’s English Ruby Fizz as our favourite as we both loved how fruity and refreshing the cocktail is. It will definitely be a winner at our BBQ/Housewarming party later this month and I can’t wait to serve it to all of our family and friends to see how much they enjoy it too!


Disclaimer: we were sent 3 5cl bottles of gin in order to write this review (all other ingredients were bought by us) however all opinions and views are honest and our ownRead more……


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