Compassion: A Side Effect of Being Around More in the Day?

Compassion For Others

I worked full-time since going to university so being a full-time mummy has been strange to get used to over the past 20 months. I absolutely love being at home with Mia and being able to look after her and teach her new things about the world every day. We as a family wouldn’t have it any other way and I’m under no illusion that we are very fortunate and very lucky to be in this position!

compassion for others

I have learnt a lot about myself since becoming a mummy and being out and about in the day I have discovered that I’m a pretty caring person. Now I know I wasn’t the Wicked Witch of the West but I don’t know whether I have always had this in me but not had a chance to show it properly or whether it has just become more apparent over the last year or so. It seems strange but being around more in the day has forced me to become friendlier towards people, I now smile at strangers in the street and talk to people that I would normally not have had the time for. We all spend so much time rushing around all day that sometimes it’s difficult for us to just stop and talk to someone we wouldn’t normally.

We get stopped a lot in the street, I don’t know whether it’s the fact Mia babbles and smiles at everyone but we really do! We literally can’t go into a shop without someone stopping to talk to us! The people I have met in shops that stop to talk to Mia, have made me realise that this is something we as people don’t do very often in ‘normal’ circumstance. I come into contact with mostly older people and I may be the only person that they talk to in a day so me stopping for 2 minutes can only be a positive thing cant it? It seems to me that people don’t like to smile at others in the street anymore and people aren’t 100% sure of your intentions. When you do smile at them, they almost look confused and that shouldn’t be the case! It’s something that we should all do and shouldn’t be seen as strange or unusual. I also feel I have the confidence to do things for other people and if I see someone in trouble, I don’t think twice now about helping them or asking them if they need help. Most of the time they don’t but I know that I would want to feel someone cared about me if I needed help.
Neighbourhood Watch Sign

Another interesting thing I have come to realise is that I know about things that go on in the Neighbourhood, positive and negative, and this has had an interesting effect on how I view the city I live in. Its Neighbourhood Watch 2015 style! I see what goes on in my immediate area and it means that I can keep an eye on anything negative but also be involved in local activities going on that I wouldn’t otherwise know about. This can be a bad thing sometimes as some of the negative things you don’t want to get involved in but it has opened my eyes into what life is like in the real world! I don’t want to turn into one of those nosy neighbours but it kind of just creeps up on you when you’re a full time mummy!

All in all, I’m very glad to have the opportunity to not only stay at home with Mia but also learn a lot about myself and I really feel that I have grown as a person. So next time you have 2 minutes, maybe stop and talk to someone in the street or give them a smile as you may just make their day!

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  1. mackenzieglanville

    I think you are so right some pope particularly the elderly just don’t get that interaction enough, they kind of get pushed aside in our busy lives and you stopping and letting them chat to Mia would make their day. You are clearly beautiful person. For the most part I find people usually smile and say hello when we pass in my community and it is lovely. #mummyandus

  2. I think you are right being a SAHM/D does allow you to show your compassion more, but I think its not that you don’t have it before just that you think you don’t have time or also realise how important communication is, looking after another human being brings that out in you! xx #brilliantblogposts

  3. I’m on maternity leave at the moment and definitely speak to my neighbours a lot more than when I was working. It’s also funny how in different circumstances it feels easier to speak to other people. I was on a dog walk earlier this afternoon and said hello to everyone we passed. If I had been on my local high street I wouldn’t have done the same. I think people would have thought I was strange. May be they wouldn’t? I might try it 🙂 #KCACOLS

  4. I think you notice so much more when you have more time and are around during the day. We live in London but there is a real community feel here. Prior to having my daughter we hardly knew anyone but now it’s difficult to leave the house or go into town without bumping into someone which is great. Kids definitely open up a whole new world of people. It always amazes me how we commute every day and see the same people and no one speaks on the tube! I do now, you can’t help it when you have kids – I’m probably a commuters nightmare! Nicky x #KCACOLS

  5. Suburban Mum

    I think this is something we all do when we become parents! Your children instantly become a conversation starter which can really help when you are on mat leave when its just you and baby and you want some adult conversation!

    Thanks so much for linking up at #KCACOLS. Hope you come back again next Sunday! x

  6. This is so lovely. Sometimes I am guilty of rolling my eyes when people stop us. Especially if we are in a rush but, if you think of it like you said in that we may be the only people they have spoken to that day, that makes me feel bad. I will take more time next time.

  7. Liz

    Becca, some really nice observations in this post. I am one of those people that stop and talk to the youngest generation (and their parents!) & yes it’s nice to talk to different folk occasionally.

    We live in a rural area of UK and although we ought to know what’s going on with our neighbours, we don’t, we mostly live on small farms and don’t really see much of our nearest neighbours. I miss that.


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