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Sisterhood Of The World Blogger Award


Firstly, a big thank you to Awesome Austerity for my nomination for the Sisterhood of the World Award, I must admit I had actually never heard of this Award before but since Googling it, I do now! I found this challenge really interesting as sometimes you don’t get to see the person behind the blog posts and it makes you delve further into a person’s blog and life that you may not have otherwise. So thank you for that 🙂sisterhood of the world

So here goes, my Q&A for the sisterhood of the world award:

1.If you could have a superpower what would it be and why?

My superpower would have to be the ability to stop time so that I could catch up on things I need to do and also enjoy bits of general everyday life that fly past way too quickly!

2. What is your worst habit?

My worst habit is probably not being able to relax, I know I drive Mario insane by not taking time to relax and do my own thing!

3. What would be your dream date?

My dream date is quite simple: good company, good food and a good film to snuggle under a blanket to watch! Something we don’t often have time to do this!

4. What was the last book you read and would you recommend it?

The last book I read was ‘If I break’ by Portia Moore and its part of a series. I would definitely recommend it, it’s one of the best series of books I have read in a long while

5. What is your absolute failsafe recipe?

I love home-cooking and I think my failsafe recipe is probably a good hearty cottage pie or spaghetti and meatballs; they always go down well with Mia and Mario!

6. Who is your current crush?

I don’t often have crushes but I have to say my current girl crush is (embarrassingly) Binky from MIC and I have always had a thing for Pierce Brosnan too

7. What qualities do you most value in a friend?

The most important friend qualities for me have to be loyalty and trustworthy as well as someone I know I can count on whatever the situation

8. Who is your blogging hero?

My blogging hero is Nadine over at Jugglemum, I have gotten to know her through my partner and I love catching up on her blogs or in person

9. What is your ultimate ambition?

My ultimate ambition is to build up my online gifts business (baby cakes) and carry on blogging as they are my main passions at the moment

10. If you could go back in time and change one thing in your life what would it be?

I would change the fact I didn’t do Teaching at University, I did Psychology and realised towards the end of it that I wanted to be a Teacher 🙁

That’s it! All answered! Now I nominate the following:






To answer these questions:

  1. If you could be any superhero who would you be?
  2. What’s the last book you read and would you recommend it?
  3. What do you most like about being a blogger?
  4. If you could go back in time, what period of time would you go back to?
  5. Who is your favorite singer at the moment?
  6. What is your biggest fear?
  7. What’s your favorite TV programme?
  8. What’s your ideal night in?
  9. If you could change your name would you? and what would you change it to?
  10. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would do?

Have Fun!!

Please include the badge in your post and nominate some of your favourite bloggers to take up the challenge too. Congratulations on your sisterhood of the world award!

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