Lottie eating a yoghurt with a stainless steel spoon

Personalised Cutlery and Dummies with byhappyme

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Salad bowl with spoon on white table cloth

Weight-loss Doesn’t Have to Involve Dangerous Compounds

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‘Throw It All In’ Pasta Dish!

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My Top 3 Books to Read this Summer!

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Pet Shops: 4 Tips for Shopping Online

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The solitaire Mystery

3 of my Favourite Childhood Books

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Rose gold watch with navy blue stap

Why You Should Get an Olivia Burton Watch

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Behind the Scenes at beccafarrelly HQ!

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My Top Baby Product for April – EasyTots

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15 Minute Leg Workout for Busy Mums

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My 1st Pregnancy Diary Part 2

My Pregnancy Diary – Part 2:

The remaining months lead up to giving birth. Follow the ups and downs of new jobs, being away, engagements and arrival of baby!

My 1st Pregnancy Diary Part 1

My Pregnancy Diary – Part 1:

I kept a diary of various important dates in my pregnancy, so I thought I would share it for others to read and see what a unique experience my pregnancy was for me and maybe help see that what your experiencing is very normal!