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We are really into our fruit and vegetables at the moment but sometimes it’s tricky to get them into your diet as they are so I’m always looking for the next interesting way to eat them. I love fruit but I don’t eat it as often as I should as I can’t be bothered to prepare it most of the time (#lazymum!) so when I saw that Natures Finest were looking for bloggers for their fruit pots, I put us forward to give them a try.

Healthy Eating

Natures Finest pick and pack their fruit at the peak of their ripeness in order to lock in all of the goodness and natural sweetness. They know that nature’s way is best and that’s what people want now. They currently have a wide range of fruit pots available and sent us out 2 400g pots of Pears and Peaches. I don’t very often eat pears and I never buy peaches but I love them so I was really looking forward to trying them out! The 400g fruit pots currently come in the following flavours; Mango, Mandarin, Pineapple and Mango, Tropical Fruit Salad, Pear, Prunes, and Pear with Peach & Pineapple.

The pots are really handy as they contain 3 servings per pot and last for ages unopened, meaning you can keep them and store them for whenever you want them. I find this really useful as fresh fruit tends to only last a few days at best and can be really off-putting as a family if you feel like you are wasting money!

Natures Finest

The first thing we did with the peaches and pears was add them to porridge for breakfast. Porridge is a favourite in our house and gives us all a good, healthy start to the day. Adding fruit on top means we are also getting our first portion of fruit and vegetables in straight away!


The next thing we did was create the Juicy Pear and Cinnamon Smoothie from the Natures Finest recipe as a mid-morning snack. We often had smoothies in the summer as they are really refreshing and cool in the hot weather. Now it created a healthy, tasty snack!


Finally, as we all LOVE sweet things in our house, we created the Peachy Banana Muffins which went down a treat! They are perfect for a mid-afternoon snack or a healthy pudding option after dinner. I think these were all of our favourites!


We really enjoyed trying out Natures Finest fruit pots and at £1.50 a pot, we were able to create 2 lovely recipes; a smoothie and some muffins and also have a healthier breakfast option. The peaches and pears are also really tasty on their own and I will definitely be buying some of the other fruit pots to try next!

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Disclaimer: we were sent the fruit pots in order to write this review however all opinions and views are honest and our own

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