Harley Street Hair Clinic – Luxury Hair Care Hamper Review


Taking ‘time out’ for myself is a luxury these days; life, blogging and being a mum takes up a lot of my time and so any ‘me time’ has to be slotted into a small amount of time or grabbed in the 5 minutes I have to get ready in the mornings before the Preschool run!  So when I saw that the Harley Street Hair Clinic were looking for women to send out a Luxury Hair Care Hamper to try out, I was really excited to have a look at what they had to offer!


Like many other mum’s out there, I have noticed that since having Mia my hair has changed from being thick, luscious waves to finer strands that hang limply doing nothing when I get the odd chance to straighten it! This is common in pregnancy and it’s very well-known that hair responds to pregnancy hormones and various other factors as we get older. Now I’m 30, I want to try and hang onto my nice hair from before and I’m becoming more conscious of it too. I was sent a lovely Harley Street Clinic Hair Hamper that included; 2 volumising shampoos, silk perfume, and a nourishing day cream.


Sachajuan Ocean Mist Volume Shampoo – £19 a cocktail of marine algae extracts transforms limp and lifeless locks by enhancing strand-strength, suppleness and shine. It creates texture and body without adding weight. The shampoo is perfect for all hair lengths and textures but especially those with fine hair. I really like the thickness of the shampoo, it smells lovely during application and leaves hair feeling really fresh and definitely adds the volume I need!


Balmain Volume Shampoo – £21.95 a lightweight volume shampoo which is paraben and sulphate free. This nourishing, caring shampoo creates voluminous, full-bodied hair for those with finer hair. I found the bottle tricky to manage especially in the shower as it is a pump-action top. The shampoo is too thick for the pump so doesn’t come out easily however it does smell really nice and does volumise hair as I hoped it would.


Balmain Silk Perfume – £23.25 this lightweight formula contains silk infused with pure organic Argan oil. As a leave-in conditioner (I had to look up what it actually was at first!) it detangles and repairs damaged hair, providing long-lasting shine and protection against hair damage. This finishing spray conditions and adds shine as well as adding a lovely fragrance to enrich hair. I really liked this conditioner, it’s really handy to just spray on after a shower and leave on my hair. It smells amazing and you can smell it on my hair even after a full day of having it on. I have used it every day since getting it!


Phyto 9 Nourishing Day Cream – £16.50 is a leave-in conditioner for ultra-dry hair and instantly nourishes smoothes and protects hair while preventing frizz and split ends. It contains Macadamia Oil which provides intensive nourishment without leaving a greasy residue. I again, really like this conditioner as it saves me those extra few minutes getting ready in the mornings!


I found the Harley Street Clinic Luxury Hair Care Hamper really lovely, the Ocean Mist Shampoo I would definitely use again along with both leave-in conditioners. They have made my hair lovely and thick again, with the added bonus of being frizz-free and healthy! I expected all of the products to be from the same brand however it’s nice to get the opportunity to try different brands as I know I tend to stick to the same brands time after time. I wouldn’t normally spend this much on one product however it would be lovely to receive them as a gift especially for Christmas and it’s nice to get things you wouldn’t normally buy yourself!



Disclaimer: I was sent the hamper in order to write this review however all opinions and views are honest and my own

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