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We are all busy people so when it comes to needing a service or professional to come and do some jobs for us, we don’t usually have the time to trawl through the internet trying to find what we need, getting reviews on their work and then arranging for them to come round and do the job. This is where Bidvine come in; they have developed a system to take away all of the pressure and stress of finding services and professionals yourself. They wanted to create a better way to find Local Professional Services that are available when you need them and actually want to help. We have all had bad experiences with services that just don’t seem to want to do the small jobs that don’t take very long and don’t cost a lot to do but there are times when we need these services and Bidvine bridges that gap easily and simply.

The concept is really easy; choose the Local Professional Services you need, for example, photographer, domestic cleaner or piano teacher and then answer some related questions. Sit back and wait for the Local Professional Services to contact you with their interest and then pick one you would like to use. I decided to search for local Family Portrait Photographers in Nottingham for a family Christmas photo shoot I would like to have done. I created an account on Bidvine which is really easy to do by entering an email address and a password. You can add a phone number and choose whether the professionals can contact you but you don’t have to. All contact is done through Bidvine so you don’t even have your email address passed on.

I then was asked some related questions: How many people are included in the shoot? Where will those photos be taken? What style of image are you looking for? Is there a specific theme for this photo shoot? In what format would you like the final images? What is your approximate budget? Where can the service be delivered? When do you need Family Portrait Photography? Anything else the Family Portrait Photographer needs to know? These all help to match your needs to the right people and give a more accurate bid estimate for the service you require.

Your job request takes around 2 minutes and is then sent out to local trusted professionals for them to see if they can fulfil your requirements. You should start to receive your first bids in a few hours, and professionals have up to 4 days to contact you. You will get up to 5 bids per job request and usually 2 Local Professional Services will express an interest. On your account dashboard you can view your past requests and see the status of them so you know where you are. Bidvine keeps you up to date throughout the process via email so you can track if you have any bids come in and respond to them. Bidvine ask that you respond to everyone who bids on your job request as each professional pays a small fee when they want to send you a custom bid. Once you get bids and choose one you would like to use, you then respond to them and that’s it, your job is done!

Bidvine is a great way to see trusted Local Professional Services who are local to you and can do the job that you need doing. They are the best and easiest way to receive competing quotes for local services and professionals. The fact that the contact is directly through Bidvine means that your personal details are kept safe and secure no one can get hold of your phone number or email address if you do not want them to. I will definitely be using Bidvine in the future as we are moving house very soon and will no doubt need some bits and bobs doing for us!

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