Beets Blu Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor Review


I have worked numerous times with Beets Blu now and they recently got in touch to see if we would like to try out their new improved Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor We have tried the previous version and it was really nice to see what improvements had been made to an already great device!

Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

Beets Blu have been specialists in mobile apps, fitness technologies and electronics since 2012 and currently have a great range of products available. Tracking and measuring your heart rate is important when exercising and working out as you can see immediately when you are pushing yourself too hard or whether you need to up the workout level in order to get the most out of it. As time goes on and you continue to track your heart rate, you will be able to see how it changes when you work out and this can be a great tool for your overall health and fitness levels.

Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

The latest version of the Heart Rate Monitor does exactly the same however there have been some great improvements not only with the device itself but the actual monitoring process. As soon as the Heart Rate Monitor came out of the box, we could see and feel that the device is smaller and lighter than previously. The strap it comes with is a lot softer and doesn’t have the bulky clasp it had before so it sits far better on your chest and feels a lot smoother on your skin. As you work out, you don’t feel the Monitor on you at all which is great as it isn’t distracting to you and you can get on with what you’re doing. The fit is also better and there is no risk of the Monitor coming off or falling down as the device is actually attached to the adjustable strap directly and not just ‘clipped on’.

Smart Cardio Heart Rate Monitor

The process of syncing the Monitor to you phone is really simple too; the Bluetooth connection is instant and also doesn’t disconnect midway through a work out or run. It stays connected throughout and obviously this means you get a true, accurate measurement recorded. The Monitor syncs straight to you iPhone or Android and also syncs to some great fitness Apps so that your readings can be recorded in various ways. The device battery is also said to last longer than the previous version but obviously I don’t know how long yet as we have only been using it for a few weeks. The Beets Blu Smart Cardio  Heart Rate Monitor is currently available on Amazon for £29.95 with free delivery and is well worth the cost! The Monitor has been a great addition to our work outs and it’s been really useful to record our data straight to our phones as we track our daily steps, sleep and food intake on various Apps already. I would recommend recording your heart rate if you’re into fitness as it’s a great way of becoming even more in tune with your body.

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Disclaimer: We were sent a Monitor in order to write this review however all opinions and views are honest and our own


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