32 Weeks Bump Update


Welcome to our 32 week bump update! Here’s week 28 in case you missed it! It is literally flying by and I can’t really keep up with these updates! We have been busy getting last minute bits and bobs and today I ordered a few more toiletries, a changing mat and a perfect prep machine. We haven’t yet sorted out another scan as we wanted to experience a private one this time round so that’s on our to-do list! I think we are about ready apart from I still haven’t practised putting the buggy in the boot yet!

Bump Update

21st October: Today Mia and I packed my hospital bags! It feels so good to get them done and I’m feeling really prepared. I bought a pre-filled changing bag so have only had to add a couple of things in to it. Mia really enjoyed helping and it’s lovely she wants to be involved with everything.

24th October: Today was my midwife appointment and it was really nice to hear baby’s heartbeat again and my bump measurements are dead on where they should be so that’s also great! I had to have some more blood taken but that was ok so it’s nice to feel a bit more reassured again.

6th November: So this weekend has been a tiring one again and it’s a bit weird but I’m feeling less pregnant and just tired! Apart from the acid reflux rearing its ugly head most days, I feel absolutely fine! Mario has been making me go to bed with him at 9:30 (he leaves at 5am!) and I have been feeling the benefits of it. Now we just have to sort Mia’s bed times out!

15th November: I haven’t updated for a while as life is just crazy and chaotic at the moment! I’m still struggling with acid reflux and last week didn’t really eat anything due to feeling really sick. Literally everything is making me feel ill and bending down is starting to be a struggle! Other than that everything is fine and I can’t believe we only have 2 months to go!

So that’s our 32 week bump update! We have a midwife appointment next week and I’m pretty sure that it’s my penultimate one which is ridiculous!!! We also have our antenatal classes and I booked a water birth workshop too as I didn’t even consider one last time so I will let you know how that goes!

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