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Hi everyone, welcome to my weight loss post #2!

Well even though last week I said I was going to get back ‘on it’ this week, I have to admit that I haven’t at all! I started off well for the 1st day of the week and it went downhill after that! Partly as we are able to go out a bit more, I have ended up eating out evening this week and Mario worked until late another night so we got a takeaway which is turning into a bit of a habit. When I eat out, as we normally only do once a fortnight, I want to be able to eat what I want to and not worry about what I’m having. I really need to get back to it next week! I have managed to maintain my weight once again but I know that very soon if I’m not careful I will start to gain weight again and I really don’t want that! I’m feeling better and more confident in myself again and I don’t want that to change.


Here’s to trying again next week!!! 🙂

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