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As a first-time mummy, one of the main everyday things I didn’t think about before having children was how I was going to go food shopping. Long gone are the days where we would just nip to the local supermarket and get what we needed when we needed it, sometimes taking multiple trips on the same day for things we had forgotten. Now however things are very different, I have to tackle food shopping with a toddler, nightmare! As a baby, she would happily sit in her car seat in a trolley and be pushed around the supermarket and for a few months she would also happily sit in a trolley seat, but not now! A supermarket shop now has to be tackled with the main objective being ‘get in, grab what you can, and get out!’ and is definitely nowhere near as fun! Mia gets bored half way around the shop and everything I want to put in the trolley has to be held first by her before being dropped into the trolley! It then ends in Mia crying and trying to get out of the trolley whilst standing at the checkout waiting to bag up and pay. So here is our Tesco Service Review!

Tesco service review

Just before Christmas last year I noticed that Tesco were advertising their newly opened ‘scan-as-you-shop’ facility and decided to give it a go, as getting stuck in a checkout queue was the hardest bit about shopping for me. We use the self-service checkout a lot anyway but only for a few items at a time, so when it came to bigger shops they were an issue. I must say the first four times I used the ‘scan-as-you-shop’ I was ‘randomly’ selected for a full bag check which was quite annoying as it hardly felt ‘random’ and meant a member of staff re-scanning all of my items – not cutting down on my shopping time whatsoever. However I realised that no-one was using the facility so once it had been open a while, the ‘random’ bag checks soon stopped. I think the idea is great, it takes me half the time to shop now than it did before and I love the way I can keep track of what I’m spending every time I scan an item and it tells me when the item I have scanned is on offer. Apart from all of that, it is really easy to use. Literally point the handset at the bar-code of the product and press the middle yellow button. If there’s a problem then at the tills, it will ask you and there is always staff there to help. The best bit is there’s no queue! I now use this facility every time I shop and I recommend it to everyone.

Shopping Trolley

The other thing I think Tesco do really well is their fairly new ‘Click and Collect’ service. This enables me to do a huge on-line shop at the start of the month, put it all through on the website, pay for it, and book a 2 hour slot on a specific day that I want to collect my shopping. Then I drive to my chosen store (10 minutes away) and pick it all up. All of my shopping is picked and packed for me, I just have to load it into the car and unpack it at home and this is all completely free of charge. I no longer have to even get Mia out of the car and into a trolley; she can simply stay in the car and help me unpack once we are home. The whole process takes about 10 minutes!

So that is my Tesco Service Review and all of these ‘new’ ways of shopping save me time, don’t cost us any more than if I did it all myself, and save me the energy and stress of a full-blown tantrum half way through shopping! And for me, that’s all that matters!

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