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hauck sport buggy

Many of you will have read my previous buggy review post, (if not you can find it here: Maxi-Cosi post) but I was bought the Hauck Sport buggy by my mum as a cheaper, smaller alternative to the Maxi-Cosi Mura 3. It was bought for nipping into smaller shops and for keeping in the car as my main buggy is quite big. It was £25 in Aldi on one of their ‘specials’ weekends and at first I wasn’t too hopeful that it would be ok to use, let alone put Mia in. However I was pleasantly surprised when mum showed me it, it folds down really small so it easily fits in my Vauxhall Corsa’s boot without having to remove anything, it has a great basket underneath which is a brilliant size and is great for getting around smaller shops.

Mia sat in our Hauck Buggy

However, the wheels feel quite flimsy and one actually came off after only 4 uses! It did fit back on easily once Mario had got his tools out (not a euphemism!!) so it wasn’t too much of a problem and hasn’t put me off using it. I don’t know if I would trust the buggy on a big walk over any kind of rougher terrain than the pavement though and it’s quite a low sitting buggy so feels every bump. It also doesn’t come with a rain cover but for the price that’s not an issue as you can pick rain covers up fairly cheaply anyway. Mia seems to love it though and as soon as I get the buggy out she desperately tries to clamber into it!

Side view of the Hauck Buggy

On the whole the buggy has surprised me, I wasn’t expecting much from it and once the wheel came off I was a bit worried but it is a great cheaper buggy for times when you need something quick and to-hand. I wouldn’t have it as my main buggy by any means but it’s a great 2nd buggy to have around.

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NB. The buggy is now unavailable to purchase

(Please note: We did not get this buggy for free, we were bought the buggy by my mum, who paid full price for it 3 months ago!)

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