Friction Free Shaving Subscription Service Review

If you’re anything like me, you barely have time to shave your legs (or underarms!) for a night out, let alone remember to regularly change your razor blades?! So when I noticed that the UK’s first monthly shaving subscription service were looking for bloggers to review for them, I was really interested in how useful I would find it!

friction free shaving

The lovely people over at Friction Free Shaving agreed to send me a razor and a months’ worth of new razors to try out. They believe that busy people, like me, do not change their razor blades often enough, causing bacteria to build up in the blade over time, leading to skin irritation. I have relatively sensitive skin and I’m always aware when I have been using my razor blade for too long as it causes a rash or irritation especially under my arms. I never think about changing my blades until I get to this point as, if I’m honest, it’s not at the top of my priority list however I do find it frustrating when I get to the shop and the blades seem to cost a small fortune. It does put me off changing them as regularly as I should do!

shaving subscription service

The Friction Free Shaving subscription service offers 3 different razor handles to choose from (varying in price from £3 to £7 #bargain!) and once chosen, sends out refills straight to your door on a monthly or bimonthly basis, in a simply designed, recyclable cardboard box. You can change your preferences or cancel at any time. I was sent the ‘Samantha’ razor and as soon as I opened up the box I could tell it was a really good quality razor. My previous razor is lightweight and I can’t really tell when the blades need changing. Also the razor itself goes a bit funny after a while however; I love this Friction Free razor!

shaving subscription serviceIt’s lovely and weighty so feels great when shaving with it. It leaves my skin feeling really smooth and gives me a much closer, cleaner shave than I’m used to. As someone with sensitive skin, this is really important for me as I struggle to get a nice smooth shave unless my blade is brand spanking new. The Friction Free shaving razors eliminate this problem as the blades are new and ready to go when I am! I love the design and the fact I no longer have to even give blades a second thought, I am an absolute convert! I have immediately replaced my old razor and I will not be going back!

shaving subscription service

shaving subscription service

With free postage and packaging, there is nothing to dislike about Friction Free Shaving, they have got it completely right! For such a small monthly cost, you cannot go wrong. As a busy mum, I need things like this to be done for me so I don’t need to worry or even think about them! As soon as I use my last blade next week, I will be subscribing as I honestly can’t see why anyone wouldn’t!

Update Jan 2017: I’m still using my razor and I have signed myself up to the subscription service!

BeccaDisclaimer: I was sent a razor and blades in exchange for writing this review however all opinions and views are honest and my own!


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