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I was recently given some free products by Clippasafe who make child protection products for around the home and outdoors. As someone who has never even heard of Clippasafe before and someone who uses home safety products currently, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the products given to me and wondered why I hadn’t noticed them on the shelf before. At the moment we have to use cupboard locks and corner protectors as Mia is still sometimes unsteady on her feet! So it was great to be able to try some new products out on her!

Mia using the Clippasafe products

First of all, we tried the clippasafe tooth and gum set which RRP’s at £6.99. Within the set you get a stand, finger tooth brush for gums, gum stimulator, child toothbrush, and a toddler toothbrush. Mia loves cleaning her teeth and definitely benefited from the lovely rounded nubs on the gum stimulator, as she is teething quite badly at the moment. The brushes are all soft enough for toddlers to use and are a lovely shape for little fingers to grasp. The brushes are all durable and easy to clean. No doubt we will be using this set for a while.

Once Mia had gone to bed, we then set about with the house protection! Little did she know in the morning we would be fully prepared for her in the kitchen! We used the Super Soft Corner Cushions (RRP £2.99) on the coffee table, as this is a well-known place that Mia likes to bump her head! I replaced our current protectors with the Clippasafe ones; they look more substantial and cover more of the corner than the ones that were on before. They seem a lot more cushioned and simply stick straight onto the corner. I have no worries that when Mia collides with the corner, she will just bounce straight off. The thing I have found with corner protectors in the past is that Mia likes to unstick them, however these Clippsafe ones blend in a bit better and I’m not sure she would notice they are even there!

Then we moved onto the kitchen. At the moment Mia seems to take great satisfaction in taking things out of kitchen cupboards and laying them all out on the floor, which is fine when it comes to Tupperware but not some much glasses and mugs! After letting her do this for a week and trying to ‘use my voice’ to stop her from doing it, I have given in and so the Home safety starter pack came in really handy. In the pack you get 6 plug socket covers, 1 door stop, 1 long & 1 short multi-purpose latch, 3 cupboard/drawer locks, and 4 corner cushions. Now this pack has an RRP of £11.99 which to me is a little on the pricey side. If it was on the shelf with other packs, I would probably choose another pack at a lower cost. However, the products in the pack are really good quality, I would have liked some more cupboard/drawer locks and probably not as many plug socket covers. We used 2 plug socket covers straight away, as most of our plug sockets are out of reach and I replaced our current door stop with the Clippasafe one. It’s a much better fit than the previous door stop which fell out after a while. They are great as we have heavy closing fire doors and having the door stop on the side means Mia’s fingers are safe! The multi-purpose latches haven’t been used yet as we don’t have any cupboards they will attach onto but they look really good and easy to use. The cupboard/drawer locks seemed quite complicated to work out, the instructions aren’t overly clear but after a bit of studying, they are simply a stick-on product that works really well. They are the right length to keep Mia out of the cupboard but let us in easily! Also, the corner protectors haven’t been used yet as we had a separate pack given to us but they also look good quality and will be used if Mia manages to get the current ones off!

Moving on to outside protection, we were sent a Secure-belt travel pillow (RRP £9.99) which is very good value, it’s a pink cushion that fits onto the buckles of a car seat and secures round the toddlers neck. Perfect for long journeys or to keep toddlers heads at a comfortable position when asleep. Mia has a habit of leaning forward when asleep, even when her car seat is reclined! So it was great to have this cushion to help stop that from happening. Mia loves the pink colour too! In fact when it came out of the packaging, she walked around the house with it on for ages!

Mia with the Clippasafe products

We currently use a bag-style harness so it was nice to try a different type and the one sent to us was the Little angel designer harness, which RRP’s at £7.99. Really good value as we paid almost £30 for a bag-style one previously! The harness is perfect for little girls and Mia had no problem putting it on and letting me walk her around in it. Again, I found the instructions quite tricky and out of the box, the harness has the anchor straps already connected. These anchor straps are designed for use in highchairs and trolleys, etc.. but I would have found it less confusing to work out if these were not attached at first, as most people are going to use the reins initially. Once I had read the instructions, it was a bit clearer that I just had to unclip the anchor straps and attach the reins and we were ready to go! The harness gives your toddler the ability to walk independently as well as safely and although I prefer the bag-style ones we have currently, I will be using the Clippasafe harness as well due to the fact they fold up really small and can fit in my handbag.

All in all, all of the products we were sent were of really good quality and value. I felt the home safety starter pack was a little overpriced at £11.99 but was pleasantly surprised by all the other product prices. Going onto the website (Clippasafe), I was amazed at how many products are available and it is definitely a make I would recommend to other parents and I will be buying products from them myself in the future. I have my eye on the bath mat, as our is useless, and the natural wood bed guard as Mia will soon be out of her cot. So if your looking for great home protection products, and more, check out Clippasafe! 🙂

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